Spring EpicFest Run 2019

3PP is hosting a 3-day epic drive on some of the best roads in Eastern Washington. Here is our agenda:

Day 1: Friday May 24

We will cruise to Eden Valley Ranch via some stunning roads and scenery with plenty of opportunities for nature breaks and photo ops. We are meeting for lunch in Winthrop. There are two meeting spots on Friday morning: one in Seattle and one in Arlington. For folks departing from Seattle, please arrive at the rally point at Barnes & Noble Northgate by 7:45am for a 8:00am departure. For folks meeting in Arlington, plan on arriving at Stilly Coffee House by 9:00am with a 9:15am departure. Arrive in Arlington already gassed up by 9:00am.

Day 2: Saturday May 25

We have some amazing roads planned for Day 2 with lunch planned in Coulee Dam City. We will end the day with a group BBQ Saturday evening at Eden Valley Ranch with home-grown grass-fed beef provided by fellow Posse member, Jim C. More details will be provided at our driver’s meeting that day.

Day 3: Sunday May 26

It’s dealer’s choice on Sunday regarding when/where to return home. There are a lot of options.


#1 rule: no assholes! This is an event in the spirit of getting out on open roads, enjoying our cars, beautiful scenery, and most importantly, great company. This is NOT a race or rally. Open to all cars and drivers.

What to bring: bring 2-way radios. This makes it much easier to communicate to the entire group while on the road and help each other out re: traffic, LEO, unplanned stops, etc. Also bring some lawn/beach chairs for hanging out, coolers, and hiking boots.O

DM us via Instagram if you have any questions. See you Friday!

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