Spring EpicFest Run 2019

3PP is hosting a 3-day epic drive on some of the best roads in Eastern Washington. Here is our agenda:

Day 1: Friday May 24

We will cruise to Eden Valley Ranch via some stunning roads and scenery with plenty of opportunities for nature breaks and photo ops. We are meeting for lunch in Winthrop. There are two meeting spots on Friday morning: one in Seattle and one in Arlington. For folks departing from Seattle, please arrive at the rally point at Barnes & Noble Northgate by 7:45am for a 8:00am departure. For folks meeting in Arlington, plan on arriving at Stilly Coffee House by 9:00am with a 9:15am departure. Arrive in Arlington already gassed up by 9:00am.

Day 2: Saturday May 25

We have some amazing roads planned for Day 2 with lunch planned in Coulee Dam City. We will end the day with a group BBQ Saturday evening at Eden Valley Ranch with home-grown grass-fed beef provided by fellow Posse member, Jim C. More details will be provided at our driver’s meeting that day.

Day 3: Sunday May 26

It’s dealer’s choice on Sunday regarding when/where to return home. There are a lot of options.


#1 rule: no assholes! This is an event in the spirit of getting out on open roads, enjoying our cars, beautiful scenery, and most importantly, great company. This is NOT a race or rally. Open to all cars and drivers.

What to bring: bring 2-way radios. This makes it much easier to communicate to the entire group while on the road and help each other out re: traffic, LEO, unplanned stops, etc. Also bring some lawn/beach chairs for hanging out, coolers, and hiking boots.O

DM us via Instagram if you have any questions. See you Friday!

3PP on Cars Yeah, baby!

Check out the latest episodes of Cars Yeah with Mark Greene to get up close and personal with 3PP’s very own co-founders Jim and Mauricio.

Thanks to Mark and everyone for your continued support! We have big plans and initiatives for 2019 and are looking forward to more adventures, events, and most importantly, meeting the best people in the car community!! You peeps are incredible!!! You down with 3PP?

3PP Professor Palm Springs Run

We have a special drive planned February 20-24. It’s Modernism Week in Palm Springs and what goes better together than vintage cars and modern design?

Save the date and plan on joining us for a an incredible few days of driving, cars, sun, modern architecture/design, and camaraderie with fellow car enthusiasts.

Our preliminary itinerary is below. Check our 3PP Instagram feed for updates and more details, including meeting locations and times. Hope to see you there!

We are planning on staying at the Ace Hotel and have a block of rooms reserved at a discounted rate. Here’s how to book: call 760-325-9900 or email and ask for the 3 Pedal Posse block. There is a 2-Night minimum stay from February 20-24th. Our discount expires January 31!

Wednesday Feb 20: Drive from Los Angeles to Palm Springs. The Professor is organizing an amazing half-day run with the Posse, and Der Faszination to Palm Springs! We will arrive just in time for lunch in PS. Meeting location: 1919 Verdugo Blvd, La Cañada Flintridge, CA 91011


Friday Feb 22: Professor Run Part Deux with collaboration from Dmitry at Palm Desert Auto. Dmitry is going to introduce us to his favorite backroads in the area. Don’t miss out on this half-day drive through the best roads in Palm Springs. Meeting location: TBD

Saturday Feb 23: Cars and Coffee hosted by Dmitry at Palm Dessert Auto. Dmitry will lead us on a short morning drive and then we will head to his showroom and lot to hang out, check out cars, and form new friendships. Word has it a special guest with the name that rhymes with Chad McQueen might show up.

Saturday night Feb 23: Cocktail party with your favorite car peeps. Location: TBD

SODO Speed Motor Show

Join us Sunday, July 1st, 2018 at 1:00 pm for the SODO Speed Motor Show in the SODO district of Seattle! This is a unique car event for enthusiasts of all types and a collaboration between 3PP, Group 6ix, DGVintage Coachworks, Lake Washington Cars & Coffee, ZLog, Imagecraft, Benchmark Auto Salon, Group 2 Motorsports, and Crafted!

In addition, you’ll have the chance for some amazing tastings of finely crafted offerings from our partners:

Elsom Cellars

2 Bar Spirits

San Juan Cigar Company

Seleuss Chocolates

Bring your sweet rides, the family, the dog, or pet giraffe, and join us for a casual motor show experience, with food, beverages, music, and fellow petrol heads!

Location: Elsom Cellars 2960 4th Ave S Seattle, WA 98134

Why I Drive

[An essay from Posse member Jim (Busta Rib) on the joys of driving a Porsche 911.]

I love to drive. There’s something special about pointing my car down a winding open road, windows down, and the breeze fluttering past my ears on a balmy summer day. To maintain the purity of moments like these, my stereo is turned off, with only the sweet mechanical song of an air-cooled engine encouraging me on with each stab of my right foot, or downshift before a turn.

BMW may have the rights to the tagline “The ultimate driving machine,” but in spirit and singular purpose of design and provenance, it is truly owned by Porsche’s 911. For five decades, the 911 has symbolized the epitome of a sports coupe, particularly the air-cooled generations (1964-1998).

This is evident in its racing heritage, unorthodox flat-six rear-engined layout (for better traction and a lower center of gravity), sleek profile to cheat the wind, and light-weight architecture to maximize handling and responsiveness. Even the ignition switch is on the left-side of the steering wheel for faster starts, a legacy of Porsche’s racing history when drivers would sprint to their cars at the beginning of races. Efficient, those Germans.

Iconic Porsche poster idolized by every boy (and some men) in the 80s

My love affair with the 911 began in the 80s with the iconic poster showing three equally tantalizing, sensual, and curvy silhouettes: a nude woman, a bottle of wine, and the 911. I suspect every teenager had this poster tacked to his bedroom wall, right next to Christie Brinkley and Kiss. The fantasy eventually became reality and I currently drive a 1977 911S ratrod. At one point it was actually my daily driver. Yes, that is whack, as the kids would say.

Some might question my decision to own a 40-year-old sports car that it is as functional as a plastic grocery bag with holes in the bottom. And compared to modern standards, the NVH of an air-cooled 911 is on the verge of unacceptable. The suspension creaks like an old man, the HVAC system is antiquated and ineffective, faint odors of oil and gasoline constantly permeate the cabin, it is as loud as an 80s neon t-shirt, and the ride as firm as Jillian Michaels‘ ass. Euphemistically, this is known as a visceral driving experience.

Yet, driving a 911 is truly sublime. Despite my attempts to sugarcoat the comfort factor of an air-cooled 911 (or lack thereof), it is a remarkable machine for driving without purpose; simply for the pure enjoyment of taking the long way home. It is a driver’s car; a precision instrument for carving up the road first and foremost, and not necessarily a mode of transport or an appliance to get you from A to B.

It’s difficult to describe the wonderful feeling of driving such a great machine. At the risk of being crass, I suspect you would want to smoke a cigarette after a vigorous and satisfying session with a 911 (if you smoked, that is). It’s that good.

First, there is the ballet of movements that, when synchronized properly, is poetic in nature and yields incredibly smooth and fluid travel down the road. Accelerate, clutch, brake, rev match, shift, lean, turn, accelerate. The level of difficulty increases with speed and decreasing turn angles, but when you get it right, it is incredibly rewarding as well as challenging. I could dance like this all day long.

And then there are the other sensations: the adrenaline rush, the performance exhaust as it voices its throaty approval on a well-timed downshift, and the mechanical whirring of the boxer engine emanating from just behind the cockpit, constantly coaxing you for more after every turn and straightaway. As our friends from England would say, it’s absolutely brilliant. Yes, it is.

One 911 + an open road = driving bliss

A business associate that I respect writes a blog under his nom du plume of HRNasty, providing observations about all things human resources. In one post, Nasty addressed the notion of hiring candidates with passion for their job, calling this desirable trait “fire.”

Besides being relevant for screening and hiring candidates, Nasty offered up some compelling insight for life in general. Whether it is for your work, a hobby, or some other aspect of your life, passion is the litmus test and determinant for actually living versus simply existing, fulfillment over emptiness, feeling love rather than nothing at all. At its core, passion is our raison d’être.

When driven by passion, your pursuits seem effortless, more productive, more enjoyable. Without it, life simply feels burdensome. And perhaps a little boring. As HR Nasty says, if you are not passionate about your job, at least have passion for something. Anything. Wise man.

Driving an air-cooled 911 is my passion. It reminds me that I am alive, and it is the straw that stirs my soul. It is what makes a simple trip to the grocery store enjoyable, or storming down a back-country road exhilarating.

Regardless if you drive a 911 or not, I hope you can find your passion. And remember to get out and drive!

Wheels, Wine, Bourbon, Cigars, and Chocolates BBQ

Three Pedal Posse is proud to present our first annual Wheels, Wine, Bourbon, Cigars, and Chocolates BBQ. All great things that go well together!

This special event will be hosted at Elsom Cellars in SODO Seattle. Bring your family and friends, along with your unique ride for a fantastic afternoon of checking out cars (with a heavy dose of vintage Porsches) and meeting new friends. You will also have the opportunity to peruse and purchase tasty treats from our amazing event partners:

Date: Sunday, June 25th, 11:00 AM-3:00 PM

Location: Elsom Cellars Winery and 3PP PNW HQ, 2960 Fourth Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134

If you have a unique, rare, or interesting car and would like to display it for the show, please contact us to reserve a space. Minions and Mutts are welcomed too!

Join the Posse at Luftgekühlt

If you plan on attending Luftgekühlt this weekend, look us up. We will be at the show on Sunday as well as The Professor Run on Saturday.

DM us via Instagram to connect. We’ll be passing out free decals and have some t-shirts on hand for sale. We only have a limited number of decals and shirts so get them while you can and see you all soon! Drivers wanted!

T-shirt $25, 2 for $40

The Mayor sporting his colors

Decals available in two colors…and they are free!

The Professor Run: Luftgekühlt edition

Hello, fellow drivers!

You are cordially invited to participate in The Professor Run, an informal 150-mile drive through some of the most beautiful mountain roads that Southern California has to offer.

THIS SATURDAY, May 6th, we will meet at 1919 Verdugo Blvd., La Cañada-Flintridge, CA 91011. There will be a Cars and Coffee show at the United Artists 8 Theater at the site. The Professor Run participants will congregate behind the Starbucks Coffee, also on site.

The gathering begins at 6:30am with cars departing for the rally at 7am. Maps and routes will be provided. We will stop for an optional brunch at Newcomb’s Ranch around 9:30am and enjoy a screening of a special Porsche film series by Der Faszination.

All cars are welcomed. This is not a competition but rather an enjoyable tour through the backroads. This event is fun and FREE! No prizes will be given. Everyone who attends will get an A for the semester. So, tell your friends, and we’ll see you there rain or shine!


The Professor

on Instagram @theprofessorrun

Ready to rock and roll!

Join the Posse

The Posse is in So Cal for the LA Lit Show. Join the posse and pick up a limited-production T-shirt, hat, or pin. We’ll be at The Professor Run on March 4th as well as most of the shop open houses.

Track us on Instagram on Three Pedal Posse to find us this week. At a minimum, look us up and get a free window decal.

T-shirt $25, 2 for $40

Hat $30, 2 for $50

Pin $5

RS key strap $10

Class is in Session!

Listen up, class!

You are cordially invited to participate in The Professor Run, an informal 60-mile driving tour through some of the most beautiful roads in Southern California that haven’t been closed due to weather.

This Saturday, March 4th, this must-attend event will precede the LA Toy and Lit Show at the LAX Hilton Hotel. We will meet at Trancas Country Market located in Malibu at 30745 Pacific Coast Highway. There will be a Starbucks and Vintage Grocers at the location.

The gathering begins at 6:30am with cars departing for the rally promptly at 7am. Maps and routes will be provided. After the run, many participants will continue on to the LA Toy and Lit Show.

All cars are welcome. This is not a competition but rather an enjoyable tour through the backroads. This event is fun and FREE! No prizes will be given. Everyone who attends will get an A for the semester. So, tell your friends, and we’ll see you there.


The Professor

On Instagram @theprofessorrun